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As you get older‚ your body begins to make less of certain hormones needed for optimal health. One of the hormones that you really need is pregnenolone‚ because it can help make going through menopause easier while also providing anti-stress benefits. This hormone also helps to improve your mood and relieve mild joint pain and stiffness. If your body isn’t making enough of this hormone‚ you may need to get it elsewhere.

Douglas Laboratories’ Pregnenolone 25 mg Sublingual provides you with 25 mg of this vital hormone. Pregnenolone is the only active ingredient in these sublingual tablets‚ which provides a hormonal boost that may help keep your body feeling healthy‚ your mind happy‚ and your brain in top condition. It comes in bisected tablets that you dissolve under your tongue. This supplement doesn’t have any artificial colors or flavors; it also doesn’t contain common food allergens like dairy‚ gluten‚ wheat‚ or corn. Finally‚ there is absolutely no salt‚ sugar‚ or preservatives present in this pregnenolone supplement.

Each Bisected Sublingual Tablet Contains:

Pregnenolone …25mg

Each bottle contains 60 tablets.